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     Prometheus SenTech, LLC, doing business as Protech Sensors, is a privately held company in Cincinnati Ohio, that is dedicated to improving worker health, safety, and productivity through our innovative VOC sensor technologies.


     We are developing a new platform technology that provides Safety Officers and Industrial Hygienists in companies that use or produce petroleum hydrocarbons, with a wearable, fixed or handheld device to detect and measure specific Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Real-time.  Our sensor technology brings key aspects of a Gas chromatographer and a mass spectrometer together in a lab-on-a-chip platform.  This allows us to quantify individual VOC’s concentrations in a complex VOC environment. The information provided by our device in a 60 second test, using no performance limiting consumables, can be used to determine the correct safety measures needed during a complex VOC event, without necessitating unnecessary production shutdowns.

     Our device will be a first in class VOC monitor that can provide detailed information about the specific levels of individual VOC’s in a handheld device.  Our device will allow the cost effective ongoing monitoring of benzene for the first time.  Potential customers indicated that they would be prepared to pay as much as two times the cost of a PID, for a device that could provide differentiated data about specific VOC’s such as benzene.


     Workers can be exposed to wide variety of toxins in the workplace that can result compromised safety and health in workers, and high health care costs, lost productivity, and huge liability risks for employers.

     We believe that the health and safety of workers in the workplace is of paramount importance.  Unknown and unmeasured exposure to certain volatile organic compounds in the workplace creates health, safety and liability risks that are unacceptable.  We are ProTech sensors, and we have developed a smart, smoke-detector type of device that allows for the continuous monitoring of VOC’s in industrial environments. Our device is a first-in-class monitoring system that generates real-time, specific and actionable information about individual worker exposure to specific VOC’s.

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